Fashion Trend: Shorts Suit

August marks the height of the summer season, bringing with it the oppressive swelter of midsummer days in the Big Apple. A perennial style quandary emerges from the industrial vapor and city smog: how does one look hot but stay cool at the same time?

The Tailory’s secret: the shorts suit! Perhaps a little daring at first, we urge all dapper men and women to experiment with this style staple. We’re not suggesting that the shorts suit will fit the most formal of occasions, but it’s a great alternative to your regular sports coat and chinos getup for summer barbecues or rooftop parties.

The two crucial points to keep in mind before you foray into unknown style territory are tailored fit and casual styling.
Make sure your shorts are tailored to your body type. Men with slimmer, longer legs have more leeway with fit and hem length; try a more relaxed fit that ends 1.5-2 inches above the knee. Men with a stockier build should aim for a more fitted, leg-hugging cut that nearly grazes the knees.

As for how to pair your shorts with your blazer, aim for creative yet wearable pairings. We suggest telling a cohesive color story (such as combining navy and a faded powder blue), or selecting neutral shorts to showcase a blazer in a vibrant hue. We recommend forgoing shirting entirely; a plain white or grey tee is your best friend, though a flowy white linen shirt is also acceptable. As for shoes? The more laid back, the better! White trainers and loafers perfectly complement any shorts suit in the ultimate display of casual chic summer dressing.
Book an appointment with The Tailory if you’re not sure how to go about finding the perfect fit or color combination. Our founder Shao will gladly help you with both so you can look and feel your best all summer long.


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