Style Icons: Paul Newman

Paul Newman was a man of many trades and talents: actor, entrepreneur, race car driver, and philanthropist are only a few of the job descriptions held by the late icon. At The Tailory New York, we’re adding “Style Icon” as one of the outstanding contributions he made to the world of entertainment and beyond. Paul Newman left a lasting legacy with his charming presence and style, one that still fuels our wardrobe decisions today.

Newman’s style was chameleon-like, frequently favoring comfort pieces that could be dressed up as needed (such as the basic white t-shirt and Levi’s denim), as well as pieces that could take him from a day on the racetrack to a night on the red carpet, with few changes in between. Newman drew much of his influence from the Americana prep style of the 1950’s, while also taking style que’s from his trips abroad, adding a unique European flair to his ensembles.

When it comes to suiting, Newman consistently kept his pieces tailored to fit in order to enhance his athletic physique, favoring a sport jacket with broad, structured shoulders.

Keeping his color palette strictly neutral, with darker tones used for accent pieces and accessories, Newman curated a wardrobe that was sharp, stylish, and perfect for his busy lifestyle. The icon also payed close attention to details such as grooming and accessories.  For events and red carpet appearances, Newman ensured he was meticulously well-groomed. This enhanced his more debonair side, and proved that he truly cared for his style and the public’s perception. In terms of accessories, Newman was rarely seen without a watch on his wrist, and he also experimented with wearing different styles of hats and scarves. Additionally, Newman was a fan of carrying a structured leather bag when traveling, which served as both a stylish and functional accessory.

Whether you lean more toward sporty-casual ensembles, or prefer a fitted suit that enhances your physique, there are lessons to be learned— and inspiration to be taken― from Paul Newman. Embrace the legacy left by this Style Icon, while looking through some of his best looks below. Once you’ve decided which Newman you’d like to channel next, book a personal design consultation with The Tailory New York.

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