Why a Brown Suit Should Be the Next Addition to Your Wardrobe

The brown suit, once known as a sartorial no-no, has recently found its way back into the heart of modern tailoring. With an updated silhouette and a rich variation of shades, the color has emerged onto the fashion circuit through runways, editorials, and celebrity appearances.

Why should you adopt this trend? Well for starters, a brown suit bears a certain intrigue that can easily set you apart from the others in a room. When done well, brown suits can look comparatively sleek and professional to the shades of navy blue, grey, and black that have reigned supreme for far too long.

The trick is to carefully concoct an ensemble paired with similarly neutral shades and a slim fit. Consider the season when choosing to wear a brown suit, opting for darker shades in the Fall and Winter and lighter shades in the Spring and Summer. Other features to account for are your skin tone and eye color, which can help determine what hue will look best on you.

Luckily, brown pairs beautifully with a variety of colors you may already have in your wardrobe, but it’s also an invitation to get creative. Basic neutrals along with several shades of blue, green, and purple are all great options to consider when choosing accent colors. Experiment with patterns that incorporate the color and fear not — black can be paired with certain shades of brown. Keep the fit of your suit slim and tailored, being wary of any bagginess, as this can make it look sloppy and outdated.

Here, a few of our favorite celebs show us how they wear the brown suit:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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