Summer Fabric Trend: Bamboo

Imagine owning a suit that you can easily fold into a suitcase, and have it be ready to wear once you’ve reached your destination. Now, imagine wearing that same suit to a summer wedding, and then again to work the following week. A suit that fits this description may be hard to find at ready-to-wear shops— thankfully, The Tailory New York has a solution. Bamboo has long been known as an eco-friendly textile, used for a variety of products. At The Tailory, we believe the best use of bamboo fabric is for a custom made suit.  

Planning a tropical destination wedding? You may want to consider having a suit made from bamboo. Bamboo fabric is a considerable choice for the warmer months and climate, boasting a similar look to linen without the wrinkle factor. In terms of breathability and performance, bamboo fabric is particularly lightweight and easily moves with you, so you stay comfortable throughout the day and into the night.  

Due to the smooth nature of bamboo and the long fibers used to create the textile, this fabric is soft to the touch, with a similar essence of cashmere. The fabrics’ tendency to not crease, pucker, or furrow makes it especially wonderful for travel, and an enviable option for commuters. With a bamboo suit, you can arrive at work without the worry of creases that were non-existent when you left the house. It will not pill if succumbed to friction or washing, with many reporting that with time bamboo will soften even more.  

If you’re interested in what this incredible fabric has to offer, head to our website and book a consultation appointment. The Tailory New York will help you custom design a suit that fits your needs.


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