Style Icons: David Beckham

David Beckham may have gained his fame from being sharp on the football field, but we at The Tailory New York like to think his sharp style plays a major role as well. Our Style Icon of the week repeatedly wows us by taking classic pieces to the next level.

After conquering international football fame, Beckham began his style manifesto by appearing in a multitude of campaigns, pursuing endorsements, and marrying the ultimate fashionista: Victoria (Posh Spice, to many). Ever since, Beckham has landed himself on multiple ‘best dressed’ lists and magazine covers, all the while showing snappy dressers precisely how to look like a gentleman.

When it comes to dressing, Beckham knows exactly what works for him in terms of fit, style, and color, and he disregards what does not. Within those lines, he experiments with mixing and matching different pieces; creating entirely new ensembles that look as though they were meant to be.

It’s all in the balance: that is the trick which has led him to sartorial greatness. A suit must first be well-tailored with an impeccable fit on the top and the bottom. If adding a pattern or bold color into a look, Beckham will ensure that the rest of his suit is simple and refined. When he opts for a simpler ensemble, you will oftentimes see a pop of color in the form of a pocket hanky or a skinny tie. As for accessories, Beckham is not one to over-do it. A simple tie clip will often suffice with an occasional lapel pin to add detail, and we must not forget the flat cap which he loves so dearly.  

Beckham tends to stay within a certain color scheme as well, favoring neutral colors such as navy, light grey, or shades of brown. Whether intentional or not, he wears colors that complement his skin tone and hair color, which brings us into the importance of grooming.  Whenever David Beckham is sporting a suit, whether it be a simple two-piece or a more formal set, he is also flawlessly groomed. His well-groomed nature shows that he cares about his entire persona and not only the clothes that he is wearing. Along with looking good, he also wants to feel good and present himself in a way that shows he is confident.

Take a look at some of our favorite David Beckham style moments below, then head on over to our new website to book an appointment for a custom suit fit for football royalty.



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