A 1980’s Style Revival

Certain trends from the 1980’s have been experiencing a revival as of late, and thankfully, we’re not talking about mullets and legwarmers. While most choose to leave aspects of this decade behind, the fashion industry has been slowly bringing back a selection of the 80’s most well-loved trends. Dramatic shoulders, paperbag waist trousers, and an emphasis on denim are the leading trends that prove the 80’s are making a comeback.

Another one of the decade’s most definitive trends? The power suit. Defined by strong shoulders (sans shoulderpads) and a structured silhouette with architectural lines, the power suit not only looks great – it makes you feel great as well. Incorporate these design features into your next suit to ensure a powerful impression on your wardrobe, but leave the shoulder pads in the past.Tailoring is key when it comes to wearing a power suit, for that perfect fit can do more than one may realize. Confidence is easily manifested when wearing a power suit due to the fact that you know you look sharp and successful.

This 80’s inspired trend is not limited to menswear, either. The power suit is considered a staple in womenswear as well, because what woman doesn’t want to feel confident in the pieces that they wear? The Tailory New York is here to custom design a power suit that fits well and boosts your confidence.




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