Style Icons: Sarah Ann Murray

A quick Google Image search for Sarah Ann Murray reveals an endless source of inspiration on how to look sharp and stylish when incorporating menswear into your everyday wardrobe. The freelance fashion stylist and former International Fashion Editor for The Rake Magazine knows her way around a suit – and has proven it time and time again on the streets of Paris, London, and Milan.

It’s no wonder she’s our first choice in the Style Icon series, she’s so clever at what she does she beats the men at their own game. We love how Murray can take elements of a suit and pair them with more casual or feminine pieces, making an outfit completely her own. An alum of the London College of Fashion, she has devoted her life to creating beautiful editorials and content in the realm of menswear. Murray is a master in the art of pattern play and mixing styles, and she takes pride in dressing comfortably while also looking straight up elegant.

Murray stated once in a Forbes article, “Elegance is a mindset, it comprises much more than style, which in itself is much more that the garments we choose to wear. Elegance is the way in which someone comports themselves, the way we treat others, and finally the notion of taste and it’s distinct separation to the traditional trappings of gaudy displays of wealth.” We could not agree more. Along with dressing elegantly, one should always aim to act and treat others with elegance.

Take some style cues from Sarah Ann Murray, then book an appointment with The Tailory New York and let us help your creative flair stand out. 

A classic silhouette in peony pink, with accents of electric blue. Photo: Pinterest
This color-coordinated ensemble is great for those hot summer days. Photo: Pinterest
Tapered bottoms give this otherwise classic suit a modern spin. Photo: Pinterest
Adding denim into the mix takes your classics into the streets. Photo: Pinterest
Murray loves to layer, playing around with different colors, patterns, and textures to create contrast and depth. Photo: Pinterest
Mixing two patterns is easier than you thought these days. Photo: Pinterest



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